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Testimonial On Residential Program

"In May 2008, my Down's Syndrome brother-in-law, Ted, began what, we didn't know at the time, was to be the most wonderful thing that could ever happen to him; he was accepted into the H.A.T.S.' program. Ted's father passed away in 1981 leaving Ted and his mother. Even though Ted's mother took very good care of him, he seemed to be very bored and not very happy. Ted came to live with me and my husband in 2007 due to his mother having to go to a nursing home. We love him very much and tried to provide a happy home for him, but it was not home and he was not very happy. My husband and I tried very hard to fulfill Ted's daily needs but due to us both having full-time jobs it was not enough. We knew Ted needed more.

Ted had a friend who attended the H.A.T.S.' program and after speaking to his family and another person with a step-son in the program, I contacted the Executive Director at H.A.T.S. He did everything he could to assist us. Finally, in May 2008, Ted was accepted! Ted's companion, Don, is undoubtedly the most wonderful person to become a part of Ted's life. Don is a great cook, housekeeper and person. Ted and his housemates are always perfectly clean and well dressed. They are all very happy. Don does all the everyday duties but, he also does many extra and special things. Don takes them out to eat at least once a week for dinner and to the park to feed the ducks. Ted likes to go to shopping at Wal-Mart with Don but the most fun Ted has, except for the H.A.T.S.' dances, is watching wrestling on T.V. with Don and his housemates. My husband and I both feel that Don was born to do this job. I am also very pleased with Don's relief staff. They are wonderful and they do a fantastic job. They all take really good care of Ted. Ted is so lucky to have all of them in his life.

I hope this sounds like my husband and I are sold on H.A.T.S. because we are. I could never tell you all the wonderful things about this place. All we ever wanted for Ted was for him to be happy. He is the happiest he has ever been in his entire life. His family will be forever grateful to H.A.T.S. and all the wonderful people that work there. If you need a special home for your "special" loved one, H.A.T.S. is the place. They will be cared for and loved."

Janyth Henry, Sister-in-law/Conservator

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